Shaykhs and Mureeds

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I have encountered the following issues with Shaykhs/Mureeds of today & wanted to ascertain which, if any, of the following are Islamic:

(A) When the Shaykh walks in or out, all mureeds stand up for him regardless of what they are doing & he does not stop them,

(B) If a mureed is talking to a lay person & the Shaykh walks in or the mureed receives a call from the Shaykh, then without any apology and permission from the person he was having a conversation with, the mureed attends to his Shaykh,

(C) Mureeds quoting everything their Shaykh says, be it pertaining to Deen or Dunya & regarding it as Haq regardless of any potential proofs to the contrary,

(D) Mureeds, including those that are Ulama, disassociating themselves from the public & forming their own cliques,

(E) The Shaykh or Mureed failing to acknowledge or smile at others apart from those in their own group,

(F) Mureeds looking down on others in other Deeni efforts expressly stating that other efforts are for beginners, can only be done with permission of the Shaykh or do not contain islah like them being in the company of their Shaykh.

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Asked on September 15, 2014 4:40 pm
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A) To stand up for a pious senior or elder is permissible provided that pride does not enter the heart of the one in whose honor this is done and those standing do not do it thinking it is part of Shariat. All do not have to stand.

B) This is not correct and is against Islaamic teachings.
<>br>C) This malady is spreading and needs to be controlled.

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Answered on September 15, 2014 4:40 pm