Separation of husband and wife with children

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salams mufti saheb
. please advise and guide me on the following maslah
. wife has decided to get a sepration from husband and also taken away two kids(boy 10,girl 8)and now it is almost two months. reason she has given is that her husband was corresponding/chatting on the phone with other women. the husband has duly appologised to the wife and assured her such thing will not happen. since than the husband has performed umrah and now regular in his five times salats. he is also trying to talk to the wife on the phone,but she is only shouting and insulting the husband.this is not the first time,but in their 11 years of marriage.she has done such separation 3 times before this. husband is still trying to reconcile through senior people,but so far she has just shown anger and lies.
please advise
. how long she can stay separeted?
how long husband can wait ?
what is the rulling on the custody of the two chidrens?
is the husband liable for any maintanance expenses ?
was salam

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Asked on June 21, 2013 1:41 pm
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1) She can be separated for as long as she wants, but will be classified 'dis-obedient' if she does not have any valid Shaari reasons.
2) Husband can wait as long as he wants.
3) With her till they are Baaligh - then to the husband (father)
4) Not liable for her expenses but for the children.
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Answered on June 21, 2013 1:41 pm