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I am fully aware that as Sunni Muslims we must have deep love for each and every companion of Rasool (Sallalahualiahiwasallam).

Recently I have been reading a book on the seerah of Allah’s Nabi (Sallalahualiahiwasallam), since I thought that it would be beneficial for me to do so. However I was extremely surprised at some of the things I read.

I was under the impression that the companions (R.A.) had utmost respect for the Messenger (Sallalahualiahiwasallam) and would immediately do what he told them to do. What I have read seems to be the opposite.

For instance, on page 213 of Saifur Rahman Mubarakpuri’s book When The Moon Split, Mubarakpuri says that after the treaty of Hudaybia

‘the Prophet said to his companions, “Get up and slaughter your animals”. None of them got up. The Prophet repeated his call thrice, but his words went unheeded.’

Another example is an on page 265 which is referring to an incident which took place after the battles of Hunayn and Taif.

The author says:

‘The news of the Prophet’s lavish distribution of the booty to so many people spread far and wide. Here was a man who gave and gave without stint. The Bedouins grew greedy and began to demand gifts from the Prophet. Some even chased him and pinned him against a tree. A Bedouin in a mad frenzy pulled the cloak off the Prophet’s back.’

Isn’t it true that the Quran declares that nobody should knock at the Prophet (Sallalahualiahiwasallam)’s house if they are not invited and that no one shoud raise their voice in front of the Prophet (Sallalahualiahiwasallam)?

I cannot comprehend why these companions did these things.

I realise that having hatred for any Sahabi is opening the doors of Kufr. My query is, How do I keep my love alive for these companions?

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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These cases at times were displayed to show inter-action and the methods of dealing with the same. Each story has a logical explanation.
Nevertheless, Allaah has forgiven the Sahabah (R.A.) and is please with them so we must be also pleased with them and not say a word against them.

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Answered on May 11, 2015 4:56 pm