Saudi Arabia

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Hope Mufti Saab is well

Upon my recent visit to Saudi Arabia for Umrah

I wish to ask Mufti Saab few questions on this global platform so one and all can learn and take benefit.

1) Upon advise from our local ulama, we were advised not to eat the food from take away restaurants coming from brazil due to the doubt factor of halal/haram chickens, we abstained and purchased local meats, one brother told me there is no difference as there in saudi the local slaughtered are machine slaughtered

Is there any clarity on this issue?

2)I saw a brother in madina making masah on normal socks and I saw a police man of the haram in makka making masah on his boots , please advise of the validity of this?

Is it a salami trait?

3) In the kingdom of saudi they read Asr at the earliest stage , hence asr is 3.40 pm in summer and magrib is 6.50 pm

If a Hanafi like myself goes to Saudi, and I did not perform my Zuhr yet, can I perform it after the asr Azan? Although the fact that asr Hanafi will only come in towards 4.45 I think.
Please advise

4) If a brother made Tawaf and after that he felt his wudhu broke in the 2 rakats Salat he was performing after Tawaf , can he repeat the Salat the next day?

5) There was a lady in her early 30s that came and performed umrah, she came alone, without a mahram, when she was asked that were is your mahram? she said that she didn’t come with a umrah visa, so I asked her ‘but you still going to make Umrah?’ and I think she did do so, what is the validity of the Umrah , Tawaafs , etc in the light of the Shariat?

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Asked on May 19, 2014 4:44 pm
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1) If it is Saudi hand-slaughtered then it is permissible. Machine slaughtered animals anywhere in the world are impermissible and Haraam.

2) Both invalid. Yes, this is a 'Salafi' trait.

3) Perform your Zohr before Asr Adhaan.

4) Yes.

5) Her Umrah and Tawaaf are valid. But she is extremely sinful for traveling without a Mahram.

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Answered on May 19, 2014 4:44 pm