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Asalaamualaikum respected mufti…
i received an email interviewing SANHA on the chicken saga. I apologise Mufti saheb but i need to know your response to this issue SANHA is taking up arms against your verdict and calling it irresponsible and blatant

The Nuggets of Truth behind Radio Al Ansaars Fowl Play
Disregarding the Islamic principle of verifying information before broadcasting it and the potential for disunity in the ummah by such misinformation and disinformation, Radio Al Ansaar has firmly planted its feet in the chicken pen by declaring on its airwaves that Rainbow, Earlybird and commercially slaughtered poultry is Haraam.
To slaughter this false rumour and set the record straight, our Editorial team interviewed the Theological Director of SANHA, Moulana MS Navlakhi to get to the chicken Truth.

Q: The most important question that we ask upfront is, are all commercially slaughtered poultry certified /approved by SANHA including the Rainbow and Earlybird Halaal?

A: Most definitely and absolutely Yes! Through our Halaal programme of onsite supervision and unfettered inspections, disclosures and declarations, checks and balances we stand by the testimony of our Ulama members that not only Rainbow, but all poultry certified and approved by SANHA is Halaal.

Q: On Radio Al Ansaars programme of 15/08/2010, Mufti Afzal Elias stated:

?Well we are very clear about this that these chickens where there is no tasmiyah been recited are absolutely Haraam especially those chickens are coming , I have seen the plant at Hammarsdale Rainbow plant and it is virtually impossible, Do one mathematical calculation 275000 chickens are slaughtered in 24 hours meaning that 190 chickens are slaughtered in one minute there are 4 slaughterers so one slaughterer is slaughtering 47 chickens in one minute this is humanly impossible that he recites 47 times Bismillah Allahhu Akbar and especially when the slaughterers are giving affidavits that they are not reading the Tasmiyah.
A: Mufti Elias is blatantly incorrect. 275 000 chickens are slaughtered on average daily on two shifts at the Hammarsdale plant but not with 4 slaughterers. There are two slaughter lines with 4 slaughterers on each line in addition to relief slaughterers who rotate on an hourly basis. The wrong fundamentals in maths cannot give you the correct answer.

Q: How can he get it so wrong especially if he has been to the plant?

A: Whether he has made a cardinal error or is being disingenuous, only Allah Knows. Mufti Elias visited the Hammarsdale plant in October 2008 as part of a delegation of several senior Ulama all of whom observed eight slaughterers. He declared the plant and process as Halaal. Now, amazingly two years later he has selective amnesia and can only remember 4 slaughterers. It is also significant that he has made this about turn and on all Rainbow and Earlybird products and plants without a visit to any of them besides Hammarsdale. Allah alone Knows the Muftis agenda behind the change.

Q: What about the affidavits Mufti Elias mentioned on air?
A: The so called affidavits issue was raised in 2008 from some of the past slaughterers. They were contradictory, questionable and remain as untested evidence. These will be cross examined in court in the pending action instituted by the Scholars of the Truth of De Deur and its Chairman Molvi AS Desai of the Majlis which we are defending.

Q: What about the other Ulama who visited the Rainbow Hammarsdale plant? What are their views?

A: None of them including Mufti Elias declared the product or process Haraam post their visit. In fact several of them have gone on national radio and endorsed the process. Click here to download or listen to the report of Moulana Ebrahim Bham (JUSA), Mufti Siraaj Desai (Council of Ulama ? Eastern Cape) and Moulana Hasan Murchie (Jamiat KZN)s visit. Also read Mufti Elias report of his observations click here
Q: Why did SANHA not participate in the Radio programme on Friday evening, 27th August 2010 suggesting that you might be scared or have something to hide?

A: Nauthu-billah! As believers, We fear only Allah SANHA participates in a weekly Q & A radio programme on Radio Islam where we face the nation. We are also regular participants on Talk shows on Cape Radio who together with other media including Al Ansaar have recorded SANHAs enthusiastic participations.
In fact it was purely financial constraints that prevented us hosting a weekly Halaal slot on Radio Al Ansaar for this current Shabaan and Ramadhaan broadcasts. So we are always ready and willing.

Q: Then the Friday programme?

A: Well, it was the subversion of a due process which on principle grounds we could not proceed with. We had written Al Ansaar a letter of complaint on Friday morning, 27 August asking for an apology, some form of redress and an assurance for preventative action for the future.

We received a telephone call from presenter, Mohammed Variawa just prior to Jumah requesting us to participate on a Halaal programme that evening. When we pointed out that we had formally lodged complaint to the station which required a formal response, he conveniently claimed no knowledge of it.
We subsequently received a reply from Al Ansaar inviting us on to the programme but silent on the concerns raised in our letter. In our humble opinion this was an ex gratia gesture and did not adequately address our earlier request and concerns. We responded accordingly which was never explained in context by the presenter click here to view the correspondence.

Q: You must have heard about the Niteline programme where SANHA was attacked for not participating in the programme and hiding behind flowery language?

A: Yes! I learnt from others that it was more an emotional Spiteline rather than?Niteline
Using ridicule as a tool, the presenter, Mohammed Variawa derided our response, vilified us and allowed callers to make ludicrous statements such as we had not inspected a plant for 6 years although it is certified by SANHA, or that SANHA wanted R30 000 to certify a poultry abattoir in Cato Ridge and so on Blatant Lies! Ulama too were not spared as they were categorized as obese and ill disciplined. May Allah save the Ummah from such unbecoming behaviour.
Q: Do you feel SANHA is being singled out?

A: Of course it is. SANHA certifies the Rainbow Hammarsdale plant, whilst the other two Rainbow plants are certified by the MJC. All the Earlybird plants are certified by the MJC. But the programme focused on SANHA alone.
Q: The mufti even goes as far as accusing SANHA as conducting a ?commercial racket involving millions?

A: The muftis genius for selective amnesia and making somersaults on rulings is not surprising as he has done this previously.
Firstly, the Mufti himself in writing to us suggested we charge Rainbow a fee which we found to be ludicrously exorbitant click here to view. To apply his fees in a typical month we would have to increase the charge ten fold which we refuse to do. Then in the next breath he says that the public should support organizations that do not levy any charges. There are no such organization as charges are levied in some form or the other.
Secondly we are a registered non profit organization that has a proud record of hosting well publicized Annual General Meetings in the major centres, our last one being at Hartley Road School in Overport in June this year, where even financial statements are presented to the public, Alhamdulillah, not even Mufti Elias or Radio Al Ansaar can match such transparency.

Q: What is the ramification of Mufti Eliass declaration of Haraam?
A: Basically he is saying then that all the Halaal certifying bodies who approve Rainbow/ Early Bird and other poultry through direct and/or downstream certification of establishments are in fact aiding and abetting the Ummah to eat Haraam. It means that all the Muslim restaurants, takeaways, butchers and wholesalers who stock these products are feeding the Ummah Haraam and are deriving their income from Haraam.
Ironically it also means that Al Ansaar Radio derives income from Haraam sources via advertisements, donations and also receive Haraam Iftaar food platters from such sources mentioned above.
Q: Your closing remarks?

A: Radio Al Ansaar good work must not be diluted by this, nor should the radio allow itself to be used in pitting Ulama against each other through cavalier and irresponsible journalism
please advise mufit saheb

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Asked on September 8, 2010 12:00 am
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A detailed answer to this hogwash, professional lies will be posted shortly.
This is a last minute straw catching exercise bid to salvage the minimum R7.5 at stake.
Why no financial displayed and why did they not come on air.

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Answered on September 8, 2010 12:00 am