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Dear Mufti
Re: Commercially Slaughtered Poultry
Question C
RE: Immersing the slaughtered chicken into scalding (boiling or very hot) water before removing any impurities from the inside of the stomach.
A practice that is prevalent here at all the major slaughter plants is that the poultry, very shortly after being slaughtered, are immediately (before removing any impurities from inside the stomach) immersed into very hot (boiling / scolding) water to facilitate the feather peeling process. As far as this is concerned my questions are as follows:
What if the chicken is still alive just prior to being immersed into the hot water and once immersed there is a chance that death is caused by drowning rather then the slaughter can such a bird be deemed to be Halaal?
(in this regard I understand that you have personally visited, 1 or more, of these plants at the behest of SANHA and my question to you is, in your view are the chickens immersed into the hot water so quickly after slaughtering that it is possible they die from Drowning rather then slaughtering??)
What is your view on the abovementioned (immersing into hot water) process? Could it be that impurities from the inside are absorbed into the meat rendering it Najis/Napaak/Impure? (from my research even Western non Muslim scientists have viewed such a practice negatively and deemed the meat to be impure)
If the meat in the above scenario is Najis/Napaak/Impure. Then can such poultry be certified Halaal (especially if this is happening en mass)?
(my basic understanding is that any meat that is impure can never be deemed Halaal)
I have queried the above with SANHA who have submitted to me that (and I quote)?the allegation of boiling water being used is a blatant untruth
What in your estimation is the temperature of this water from your 1st hand site visit/s? (is it just warm? Or as hot as one would use in the bath or shower? Or very hot? Or Boiling hot?)
Based on your 1st hand experience of site visit/s are you of the view that the water is indeed hot enough such that there could be a distinct possibility that the meat of the chicken (that is immersed with all its impurities in its stomach) could land up ultimately becoming contaminated and najis / napaak?

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Asked on November 12, 2010 12:00 am
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C1) Currently all possibilities arise, death by drowning, death without the Tasmiyyah being recited, definitely impurities from within seconds after the so called Shaari slaughtering into scalding water - how can it ever be Halaal?
C2) That meat is definitely impure - how can anyone eat it?
C3) It cannot be declared Halaal.
C4) On inspection I asked the supervisor to put his hand in two places:
1) In the tank of water wherein is the electric current to stun the bird before slaughtering and:
2) Into the scalding water.
On both instances he refused stating it will 'kick him' and his 'skin will come out'.
Now if the current is going to "Kick him" - (a 6 ft man) what is going to happen to a small tiny bird? and if one notices all those working around the scalding water have plastic gloves - why?
C5) As stated, i am certain that the water is so hot, that pre-cooking takes - the intestines, the stomach, the meat of the chicken all together
Stay very far from this product.

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Answered on November 12, 2010 12:00 am