Salaatut Tasbeeh

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Assalam o alaikum,
Respected Sir, I want to know the correct way of reading Salaatut Tasbeeh.
Though I read it but I am not sure whether I am reading it correctly or not. I am mentioning it please tell me if it is correct or not.
Firstly I do niyat of reading salatut tasbeeh nafil salah of 4 rakat. Then I recite Subhanaka Allah humma…………………………… then I recite 15 times 3rd kalima and then Aaoozo Billah and then Bismillah then surah fatiha then any surah then 10 times 3rd kalimah then do ruku and read the tasbeeh of ruku and then 10 times 3rd kalimah then get up from ruku and in standing position read 3rd kalimah 10 times then do sajdah and read subhan a rabbiyal aala and then 10 times 3rd kalimah then get up from sajdah and sit and then read 10 times 3rd kalimah and then do 2nd sajdah and then get up and read 15 times 3rd kalimah again like this is complete 2nd rakat and in tashhadud in the 2nd rakat I read attahiyat, durud sharif and dua and then get up for the 3rd rakat and then once again read Subhanaka Allahhumma…………………… then 15 times 3rd kalimah and the rest namaz like above and then complete my full four rakat and say salam. Is this the correct method. Please guide me. Also tell me what special dua should I ask after finishing my namaz as I have heard that by reading this namaz all the major and minor sins are forgiven. Is this what I heard correct or Taubah is necessay for major sins.

Jazzak Allah!
Assalam o alaikum

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Asked on March 4, 2014 3:47 pm
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Here is a link of our book on Nawafil Salaat:

You will find all the information you are seeking and more, particularly pages 8 to 11.

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Answered on March 4, 2014 3:47 pm