Salaah with jamaat for 40 days;late coming

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Assalam o alikum,
Respected Mufti Sir, I have heard that if one says his prayers with Jamaat for 40 days he will receive great reward and a blessing which only he will be able to feel it.

1.How far is this correct?

2. If it is correct what is the exact reward for 40 days namaz with jamat and takbir kola?

3. Till what time the takbir oola is valid. Like if one comes a little late and saw that takbir oola is being said but he is making his wuzu at that time and then after that he joins jamaat but by the time the imam starts Allhamdullah…………….. So does this mean that the person attented namaz with takbir oola or will he just only get the sawab of jamat and not takbir oola.

4. In the second instance a person comes to the mosque and sees that the Imam is reading a surah and then he joins the jamaat so will he recite Subhanaka Allahhuma ………….or leave it and will he get the sawab of takbir oola as he was nor present while the takbir oola was being said nor did he hear it, he came late so will this be said that he read his namaz with takbir oola or no.

5. In the third scenario if a person comes late and sees the the first rakat or second rakat has started so can he recite takbir oola slowly himself when he joins the jamat to get the sawab of takbir oola or no he cannot recite. What should be done.

Jazakumullah Khair!

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Asked on April 9, 2014 7:55 pm
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1) This 'feeling' is not related directly in any Hadith.

2) Freedom from punishment, hypocrisy, and the Fire.

3) Takbir Oola lasts for the entire first Rakaat - from Takbir Tahrimi until the Allaahy Akbar of Rukhu.

4) He does not read Thana.

5) See answer 3).


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Answered on April 9, 2014 7:55 pm