Salaah; dua for girl

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assalamualaykum mufti
. i am a 17 yr old boy in darul uloom
. alhamdulillah i have been out in jamaat recently & changed my life

(1)i dont look at women except if i feel theres no or extremely little shahwah
. alhamdulillah never had illicit relationship
. my problem-from time to time i have a series of wet dreams & i dont mind but my mother shouts & has suspicion. I enjoy talking about women.
very seldom i feel very very erotic & can feel the urge throghout my body
please advice.

(2)Please interpret- the shaykhul hadis was making imamat & i was standing in the 1st saff next to the madrasah mufti, to his right.other ustads (not mine) were walking across of us. Students normally do imaamat.

(3)I make duaa-O Allah grant me a pious ARAB girl…..-is this correct

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Asked on October 7, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Stop thinking or talking wet dreams will stop.
2) You will do well in Darul Uloom.
3) Permissible.
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Answered on October 7, 2009 12:00 am