Saints and mazaars

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Slm Mufti

Please advise:

1. I have had an interesting discussion about saints “walis” in islam with an avid believer in the powers that they have. Is is right to ask almighty allah to grant us things based on the good deeds of saints such as shaykh abdul qadir jilani, muhyudiin, basha peer etc.

2. I live in the Cape and have noticed that it has become practice for muslims before going for hajj to visit the mazaars. Some believe that the ground is holy and that the spring water that comes down the mountain is blessed etc. How do we as muslims know which are indeed saints and which are not? Apparently, Javanese religious leaders were exiled in South Africa and spread islam here but how is it that they were determined to be saints?

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Asked on February 2, 2009 12:00 am
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1) It is permissible to say 'Oh Allaah', accept my Duaa due to the pious acts of...

2) It is not necessary to do so. If, by continous narration people say 'here lies a saint', we would not deny or it would not be sinful to deny but out of respect we will not reject or nor will we do anything un-unislaamic there.

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Answered on February 2, 2009 12:00 am