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As per my request my husband issued a written Talaaq. One week before my Idddah was due to end he asked an Aalim to contact me suggesting reconciliation. I said I would consider if he was willing to
1.Provide me with separate living quarters
2.Work on his trust issues
3.Make peace with my family. My husband then called me himself two days later and revoked the Talaaq on the 8TH Aug 2008. He said he would get a flat and would try to change his suspicious ways. He never wants to see my parents and family and I do not have to bother with his parents either. On one occasion he said he would drop me off at my parents place when I want to visit them but he would keep my son away from them. He claims my family is immoral. Yes, we all have faults and are not perfect in our Deen but then again after living with his family for three years I can say that neither are they. (During the weeks that our problem started and the Talaaq the situation between our families became ugly. He verbally abused my father which resulted in my father threatening to hit him.
Up to this day he has never come to me (like a man and shown his willingness to reconcile. He merely picks up the phone on a Jummah to inquire about his son. He hadn’t seen his son in 6 months because he refused to see him in my fathers house. I arranged for him to see the child at my friends house eventually but he said the nastiest things to me.
Based on the fact that he still harbors bitterness towards my family and I am sure it will cause constant problems in our marriage can I request for khula or fasakh. Would it be a valid reason?

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Asked on November 1, 2008 12:00 am
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Answered on November 1, 2008 12:00 am