Replacing tax with interest money

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Assalaamu alaikum.

I am currently working for a company and have around 30% of my salary being deducted for tax involuntarily every month.
This amounts to around R8000 per month. This situation is different from businessmen who are required to ‘paying’ to SARS on a yearly basis and can actually use interest money.

Company employees have their tax money deducted from Gross amounts and cannot use interest money as the tax has already been deducted or reclaim anything legally or islamically.

This money could be used for the benefit of my family, or deeny activities and for charity to the poor as well. Generally company employees are not in control of their tax deductions and in turn do not benefit from government services for the amounts taken from them.

Is there any other shar’ri way for recompense for this..would it be correct to figuratively or by niyyat replace the tax with interest and use interest funds in ones account

Please advise.


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Asked on June 28, 2008 12:00 am
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That 30% is for tax is already interest

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