Repenting for sins

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AsSalamalikum Mufti Saab,

Hope you are in the best of health,

One of my associates was discussing a business proposal with me and mentioned a name about the person. I immediately said “I won’t do any transaction or business with a person who is not loyal to family”, as he married a white woman after divorcing his first wife (for the reasons Allah knows best).

I am often referred to as a leader and influencer in my industry but during the expansion of business my heart became small and is now like stone and I often hate my competitors to the core, especially the competitors who bring bad solutions for low prices in the market.

But after uttering that statement, I realized my mistake and thought to myself that I shouldn’t have uttered that statement as Allah is the better judge and also got a thought what if Allah did the same to me (May Allah bless me and my wife with Barakah, Ameen).

Though I am regular in Salaah and adheres to other sunnah besides fullfilling my duties as husband, son (to my father and mother), brother (to my elder brother and elder sister) and community but whenever I see competition it increases my blood pressure.

I want to repent for my mistake but unable to do so. I want to ask you how should I repent for my mistake. Will Allah forgive me, If I make honest dua with an intention of never repeating that mistake again or should I personally meet the person and say sorry to him.

If I tell that person that I had those views about him it might result in enmity which never existed before.

Can you please suggest some ayath or dua which I should recite to control my anger. I scanned the whole internet and spoke to my parents about my anger but it didn’t yield any result.

I also request you to show me a method of asking for forgiveness

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Asked on October 20, 2014 2:40 pm
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The mere fact that you have realized your error to be an error means that half the battle is won. Now do the following:

1) Make a proper Taubah which entails a) never to do it again, b) feel regret and sorrow and then entrench firmly the correct belief in your heart. 'What is coming to you no one can stop it and what is going to reach others no one can stop it, Allaah alone has the final decision.'

2) Work hard to earn what is Halaal.

3) Recite a lot of Durood Sharief, your anger and temper will subside InshaAllaah.

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Answered on October 20, 2014 2:40 pm