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I got proposals(2) after I came back from Hajj, 1 of them was someone I know, I work for. So my answer was no, the other is one of The Family who have already asked but for the older son but the son was not really asked so I did not answer. Now it is the other son, younger, who is now divorced, and which I know he once had a girlfriend. So from me its a no. I do not take such proposals seriously i mean i dont really have to think about it the anwer is clear for me.
I think they want someone who is good. but they do not have to be or what??if I am right?
so that’s something that makes me little upset because I think it is wrong.
GAIR InshaAllah but I once had a dream where the guy who is divorced I asked how his sister is doing and he told me that she got her baby if i remember correctly. it was a while ago maybe its just coincidence but I just wanted to say it.

gairan InshaAllah wa djazakAllaho GAIR I would like to know whether I’m doing well or am I too picky?

asalamoaleykoum wa wa rahmatoAllah taala wa barakatoho.

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Asked on January 13, 2010 12:00 am
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You are not in the wrong. Be careful and tread cautiously, marriage is not a joke. So decide after deliberation and mashwara. Do not be hasty.
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Answered on January 13, 2010 12:00 am