Reciting ayyamul baiz but problems are worsening

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dear sir,

assalamu alaikum, i’ve been suffering from bad times for almost a year now,anything i do ends up a failure, thee
has been no peace of mind what so ever, not just me it had started affecting everyone else in our family too, my brothers education , my education , money issues, my parents health issues, but alhamdhulilah it never got serious with my parents health atleast, after advice from some elders i started reciting dua ayyamul baiz daily for the past two months, and one of my friend joined me in it too, after about a week she had a dream where she was torturted by a jinn which she narrated to a aalim who asked her to refrain from reciting ayyamul baiz and had adviced me the same,but since i had read in other sources after some research i continued reading the dua,but as days go by my problems are worsening, there is no peace in any of my family members, my education is in a question mark, my marriage is in a question mark.. kindly advice me what to do..i do pray five times a day and have been crying every day in namaz and doing duas..i am lost with not knowing what to do..kindly advice me..

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Asked on March 13, 2014 9:05 pm
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Do the following:

1) Be regular in Salaat.

2) Read one Ruku of Qur'aan daily.

3) Read the Manzil daily.

4) Read the first 10 Ayaats of Surah Kahf daily.

5) After greeting read Surah Ikhlaas 3 times. Greet and speak when entering the home.

InshaAllaah you will have a lot of Barakaat and your financial situation will improve.

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Answered on March 13, 2014 9:05 pm