Rainbow chickens

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As salaamu alaikum, Respected Mufti Saheb,

your answer to Q2285 says that you are now revisiting the issue, Has your Ruling/advice/ fatwa now changed

1) From Halaal to Haraam OR Makrooh?

2) And as muslims should we continue to ‘eat with confidence’ as stipulated by the sanha announcement dated 17-11-08?

3) The IGCMSA claims that Sanha have fabricated that you as part of the ‘independent Ulama’ that inspected rainbow on 28/10/08 said their claims

1. Stone Dead Birds from stunning

2. Tasmiyah not recited on every single bird

3. Line speed of 3 birds per second

are ‘baseless & false’

3.1)Please confirm if you said to SANHA that these 3 listed above are “baseless & false”?

3.2)Can any person say it is “baseless & false” when even you recommended to sanha that some device be installed to ensure the dead birds can be accurately removed?

3.3)in your report – on your website, you confirm the line speed of 150 per min, this equates to 2.5, rounded off this would be 3 per sec!, if you said that its “baseless & false” are you not then contradicting your own report or is SANHA just lying as it is being alleged by IGCMSA in their e mails?

4) Did you ever say to SANHA that its ‘baseless & false” ?

5) Can you please confirm OR When do you expect to confirm your current updated Islamic ruling / Fatwa / Advice on Muslim consumption of Rainbow chicken/commercial meat produced in the same way?
What is your ruling currently?

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Asked on December 1, 2008 12:00 am
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1/2 - Best to abstain until matter is resolved

Current ruling has been stated.
Sanha must be quoting some other Ulema who went for the inspection, I have made my comments.
Could you state as per your investigation the following:

1) No. of slaughters per line at any given time

2) For how long each cutting session lasts before rest

3) What is the resting time in reality

4) Total no. of hours of shift

5)No. of actual slaughtering time - hours

6) No. of times Tasmiah is recited per cutting session

7) No. of times Tasmiah is read per slaughtering shift.

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Answered on December 1, 2008 12:00 am