Rainbow chickens

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Respected Mufti, Salaams,

today, 22 Dec 08, we have received 2 more Affidavits, which brings the total now standing to 12, this is additional to the verbal confirmation of many more that

1. Tasmiyah is being omitted

2. Dead Birds are being slaughtered due to inability to accurately determine and remove.
Are you now prepared to declare that Rainbow is Haraam.

the sworn affidavits are further supported by medical / scientific research that confirms that animals do indeed die from stunning.

as i understand , it is impossible to determine from a quantity of approx 250’000 daily, what % is affected by omission of Tasmiyah and also what % are dead when slaughtered, in light of this is it correct to merely stste ‘abstain’ when this is seemingly confusing the masses more, Ml. Yunus Patel said that since none of the Ulama that inspected are using the word ‘Haraam’ he will not consider our position,

i humbly ask you , if 12 slaughterers have given sworn statements to the effect that haraam carrion is certainly mixed in, ( and these sworn ststements are further corroborated by medical research, does this unknown number of carrion not make the entire lot haraam due to there being absolutely no way of distinguishing which are dead when slaughtered ??

when you say abstain and makrooh, does it not send a mixed message, knowing that many Muslims openly engage in many Makrooh, as i believe the Shariah is clear with regards to carrion and it being TOTALLY HARAAM??

please reconcile your position and state your current Fatwa in light of this ever growing overwhelming evidences.

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Asked on September 1, 2009 12:00 am
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Letter coming soon on site.

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Answered on September 1, 2009 12:00 am