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Assalaamu alaikum,

Dear Mufti,

today is 20 January 2009, a slaughterer from rainbow has just informed me that he was fired.
this is NOT 1 of the 15 that we have Affidavits from.

During December 2008, for 3 days 15th, 18th and 19th December, when the shift started at 6 am, only 2 Muslim slaughterers were on the production line,
the line started and was moving at 130 chicken per min,

which meant that the 2 slaughterers had to EACH do 65 birds in every min,

this equates to more than 1 bird per sec in which the slaughterer is required to make Thabah reciting Tasmiyah and ALSO
determine and remove dead birds..

this is IMPOSSIBLE, and although the 3rd and eventually the 4th slaughterer arrived to take their position on the line,
for a period of about 10 to15 min on each of those 3 days,
NO TASMIYAH was recited on a few hundred during that time frame.

when the slaughterer went to his supervisor, he was received harshly , The Supervisor Mr. Ismail was not interested and rejected his concerns which led to a heated exchange of words, the manager of Capacity labour outsource Mr. Lubbe said clearly he is not tasked with religious issues
and as the slaughterer was driven by his Islamic conscience regarding the impossible task burdened on them to make 65 Thabah with Tasmiyah within 60seconds,
it became loud and he was suspended,

when this series of events unfolded in a similar manner again a few weeks later, he was dismissed.

Neither Sanha, Capacity Outsource labour, Mr Ismail – supervisor, none of them were even listening to what was the point of contention, he was dismissed.

the facts above are in the case file of the slaughterer in question, all including the letter to the company and the appeal letter that followed with the specifics of dates and times and responses from the supervisor and manager etc

it is therefore clear that on those mornings in particular, whilst some slaughterers arrived late, those that were on time were unable to recite Tasmiyah 65 times in 60sec whilst slaughtering, and the identification and removal of dead birds after stunning is not even touched on although it is a further pertinent point ,

but the line was running at 130+ birds per min,
in only 10min that would mean that a large unknown portion of between 1300 to 1950 (10 to 15min) birds are slaughtered without
,firstly without even knowing if they are dead or alive
and secondly Tasmiyah is being omitted intentionally because of the impossibility of the task whilst 1 or 2 slaughterers arrive late for a shift that has already started production.

Sanha are in denial and refuse to even acknowledge the very serious problem and its far reaching implications.

Jamiat KZN are silent after Sanha refused their request for monitoring access.

Most of the Senior Ulama privately advocate total abstention whilst publicly remain silent.
even on the aspects of
cruelty to animals &
the unhealthy aspects of the quality of the meat produced under such conditions further to the filthy disgusting scalder process whereby the meat is ‘brewed’ in its own mix of blood, hot water, waste, intestines etc,
with all of this as accepted as normal industrial processes with full knowledge of our Ulama, almost all remain aloof and silent,

is there Shari grounds / justification for this protracted silence on all the issues??

both those issues which are contentious like Death from stunning which is a scientific fact, and even those which are not contended and justified by the ‘norms of the industrial set-up’ like cruelty to animals & filth, over and above the total abandonment of Sunnah
, The Senior and Junior Ulama amongst us are mostly silent,
am i missing something, i do not understand why the silence of the majority of Ulama that in years gone by at Madressa taught importance of Sunnah, Shariah, rights of Creation etc, now seemingly either silent or openly condoning this Haraam.

please note and please comment.

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Asked on January 21, 2009 12:00 am
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As you claim that you have so much evidence and as time passes more evidence is coming. If this is true you are wasting your time waiting for the Ulema to respond. Use proper legal channels, start by going to MMAC established by the Jamiat.

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Answered on January 21, 2009 12:00 am