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Respected Mufti,
i have read your letter to rainbow. it seems like you are contradicting yourself.

A) firstly the ‘halaal’ status is confirmed, then you list problems, some very serious indeed. some aspects are totally haraam..cruelty, brutality and filthy processes.

then alarmingly you say that the ‘halaal certification should be withdrawn if the problems are not rectified’, this to me means that you somehow consider rainbow with the current problems unresolved as unworthy to hold a halaal certificate.

seemingly there is a play on words whereby haraam is implied but not mentioned in relation to your directive to sanha to ‘withdraw’

also in the interim the meat remains ‘halaal’, but with the problems listed you suggest the certificate be withdrawn if unresolved…

under current conditions you seem to grant some concession in allowing it to continue being called halaal and also clearly specify and suggest the withdrawal of the certificate if the conditions are not rectified.
so the current conditions are undeserving of a halaal certificate due to the points raised but the halaal certificate and status is confirmed by you.

B) also i have seen Ml. Thanvis fatwa that stunning is akin to kufr, so how is the halaal status still agreeable in light of the fatwa that says stunning is akin to kufr

C) if the Shariah is over ruled for the commercial needs of mass production, do you not think it opens the door for many other open Haraam actions to also be brought under similar concessions of over ruling simple clear emphatic Shari directives and rules, e.g. a industrialist or businessman would engage in many open haraam acts and justify it by mass production demands

i eagerly await your detailed comments and reply.

was salaam

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Asked on November 12, 2008 12:00 am
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The recommendation are worded with strong words to create awareness, which it has. Now it is pressure upon Sanha to see to its enforcement.

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Answered on November 12, 2008 12:00 am