Rainbow chickens

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Respected Mufti Elias,

Please kindly answer my 7 questions below.

(1) In your opinion is the system of slaughter at chicken factories in
conformity with the Shariah? That is, the whole system, from the point of
shackling the chickens upside down on a conveyor, through the various
stages of electrical shocking, drowning, dead birds possibly being mixed
up, hanging upside down, slaughtering birds in motion on a fast moving
line, abandonement of the Qiblah, and scalding the slaughtered chickens
with their entrails intact. Apart from the hillat of the slaughtered
chickens, is the system of slaughtering halaal or haraam?

(2) Is it permissible to accept a slaughtering system which requires that
the slaughterers abandon their Salaat, – Jumuah and Eid

(3) Is it permissible to abandon in entirety and permanently the
Islamic system of slaughter and substitute it with a non-Muslim system as
is prevalent at the chicken killing factories?

(4) Notwithstanding the possible hillat of the slaughtered chickens, are
the Shariah’s teachings pertaining to the Qiblah, laying the
animal down when slaughtering, and the prohibition of inflicting
injury/pain prior to slaughter important and significant or not?

(5) Please kindly explain in detail on what basis have the Ulema accepted
as Halaal meat produced from a system that has almost totally abandonded
all Sha’ri requirements and guidelines?
Under what circumstances will the Shariah grant allowance for abandonment
of Islamic requirements.

(6) Do you & your family buy & / or eat Rainbow chickens ?

(7) Do you consider Rainbow as Halaal & Tayyib?

please feel free to add additional comments.

i would really appreciate it if my questions can be answered point by point.

i am eagerly looking forward to your reply.


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Asked on November 16, 2008 12:00 am
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System is definitely highly detested. But end result is Halaal.

Do not confuse two issues.
Must the 5 times Namaazi abandon it because of moral flaws?
Provide on reasonable, sizeable alternative.
Significant - need to be addressed.
Due to recitation of Tasmeeyah and cutting of the necessary vessels for 'Hilaat'.
No/No/ Possible
Halaal not Tayyib
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Answered on November 16, 2008 12:00 am