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Assalaamualaykum, Dear Respected Mufti,

Thanks for your answer to Q2263,

actually you said ‘disgusting’ and not filthy regarding the scalder at rainbow.

i wish to know that the letter to sanha was dated 30/10/08, today is 24/11/08, its more than 3 weeks already passed since then,

1) Have you received any detailed reply ?

2) In your knowledge has any or all of the Shari malpractices been stopped ?

3) What further action is planned from your side & when will you do it ?

4) Considering your recommendation to sanha to withdraw the certificate has not been done, do you not think it will be better if you make the same recommendation to the Muslim Ummah to abstain will have the desired effect of ‘pressure’ on sanha/rainbow etc to actually implement the corrective measures ?
5) the entire system as described by you in your report seems to have only the isolated aspect of Tasmiyah taken as a consideration in declaring it halaal, although there is contention on this too,
however the open and flagrant Shari violations and anti-Islamic practices that are a norm as you described and condemned, are not widely and openly criticised in strong terms by the Ulama generally, do you not think that by advocating abstention as a objection to the Shari malpractices and animal cruelty, you & the Ulama will be aiding the cause of Sharia and Haqq as it will ensure the entire Thabah system is implemented / respected & adhered to, as by clinically disecting the Shariah and to allow ‘Halaal on the basis of ONLY TASMIYAH’ IN THE FACE OF MULTIPLE OTHER SHARI VIOLATION like cruelty, scalder, stunning, unknown number dead etc, that our Ulama, without valid Shari reasons for this allowance of violation/omission of Qiblah etc are allowing the ‘Halaal’ label, thus thereby effectively downplaying the importance of the Shariah in regards to Thabah as a complete system – should you and the ulama in general not therefore say instead that ‘Halaal should only be the products where a complete system of Thabah as ordained by Shariah is STRICTLY adhered to and in a system where Thabah is absent but only Tasmiyah is present it will be called ‘permisable by fatwa’ as by allowing the halaal term to be used and abused so loosley, the Ulama are failing us and themselves in their Duty as inheritors of the Ambiyaa alayhis salaam ?
please answer/comment as 5 specific points as asked above,

Jazakallah for your time and input.

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Asked on December 1, 2008 12:00 am
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1) No

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3) Already done

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Answered on December 1, 2008 12:00 am