Qurbaani on behalf of someone

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1. A lady has two brothers who are not practising muslims and do not perform their own qurbani. Can she do qurbani on their behalf from her own money and does she need their permission to do this?

2. If we wish to do qurbani on behalf of someone who is alive eg, family member, Sheikh or Ustaad do we need to ask their permission first? Meaning a nafl qurbani when they have already done their own as well.

3. Is it ok to do qurbani on behalf of a deceased person without telling anyone?

4. Is qurbani wajib on a teenager who has their own money and what is the minimum amount they should possess for it to be wajib on them? Is it necessary that this money should have been in their possession for a year?

5. Is qurbani wajib on a ‘naa baligh’ child who has the minimum amount of money saved up?

Jazakallah for your help and time.

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Asked on December 18, 2009 12:00 am
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1) She has to take permission from them first.
2) No permission required for a Nafl Qurbaani.
3) Yes
4) The amount of money is to be equal to 'Nisaab' of Zakaat. It does not have to be with the person for a year.
5) No
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Answered on December 18, 2009 12:00 am