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assalamu alaikum
I have some questions.
1. i have incontiuous when prayer due, i wear sanitary pad and pray. sometimes i found discharge on pads during prayer but it has no colour,just like water.the discharge is now increasing. but i think it not urine. i am pregnant, almost two month left for child birth. is my salat ok when i used pads during salat. i used each pad in each salat.
2. during first rakat prayer, i have finished sajda and then silently spoke. maybe i moved my lips or may be said in mind i am not sure. but i didnt make sound. my husband beside me during prayer, he didnt hear anything. is my salat valid?
3. when i stand up from salat, i made sound in my nose like uhh but not from my mouth. i am pregnant so sometimes i stand up from sitting position and make sound like uhh in nose not with mouth. is my salat valid?
4. when i pray two or three pieces of hair come to my forehead unintensionally during prayer. i try to over my whole hair during prayer. but half of my forehead is covered. so hair is seen very little portion. is my salat ok. i know if one-forth part is seen, then salat no valid. it comes unintensionally, so if salat invalid,then isnot it unjustice because i try my best to cover everything but suddenly small portion seen.
5. when i pray i am sweating. can i use same dress after drying with air.
6. i feel something in my back passage that i feel it breaks wadhu. this feelins start when i do wadhu and continuing in salat. when i stop everything, then i feel nothing. now i ignore that my wadhu breaks. i continuing pray. but i am afraid that sometimes may be really break my wadhu and i ignore it. but this feeling bother me during wadhu and prayer.
7. i close my eyes and read everything with soundthat my husband hear everything fom 15 meter distance. he told me that why you do not read i your mind. i try to open ee and read silenltly but icaanot. i have forgotten everything and read onething two or three times. do you have any advice. during wadhu, unintentionally i touch my breast, is it breaks wadhu.
8. suddenly i have bad thinking in my mind during wadhu and prayer and oher times. wen it comes my mind, i avoid it or try to forget it. but i fear madhy or mhony may be comes out. if mhony comes out, then i have to take shower, otherwise i cannot pray. so i am afraid during wadhu and prayer time. one day i doubt mhony comes out though because i feel little exicited and same time try to avoid. then i take shower and pray magrib but the prayer is late. so i am scared and may be did not give salam at the end of salat. every time i checked and find milky, sticky vaginal discharge. how can i get rid from this feelings.
9. when i pray, i feel i do not give two sajda. i only give one. then i pray again but lot of mistake happened. i try to stop this feeling but it annoying me.i think my salat is not ok. sometimes i think i did not give salam at the end o prayer and i cannot remember that i have given salam. it also annoying me. now i feel depressed.but i am pregnant. so i have to feel better but i cant. it affects my eating. thats is very bad. first week of december , my delivery date. i have to get free from them. would you please tell me how can i get rid from those feelings.
10. i completed my prayer then i seen little blood in my hand and it spread little area and dry. my hand very dry so sometimes it open and little bit bleeding with unnotice. i do kaza magrib prayer, then wsa fard prayer and that time i dont know about blood. and then again do wadhu and praying rest. so if i have to make up then i prayed all or only betr namaz that i have to make up. because i have seen it after betr. before sunnat, i do wadhu again.

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Asked on November 16, 2012 11:52 am
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1) Ok
2) Valid
3) Valid
4) Valid
5) Yes
6) Ignore it
7) No
8) I do not understand
9) Avoid doubt. Be certain. Act on your strong inclination
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Answered on November 16, 2012 11:52 am