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Asalaams mufti. This is a question on a website a christian asked? How does one respond?
Islam teaches a lot of things, but with all due respect, that was not my questions.

I asked why

1) what if a women WANTS/DEMANDS to pray along side a Muslim man in a mosque?

I know of no country on this planet, that considers itself Muslim, that would allow a woman to divorce her husband.

2) Please tell me if, for example, a woman can divorce her husband in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, or India, and for any reason?

3) The issue of the marriage to young girls by older Muslim men is heinous. But whether you say it is not allowed, it happens everyday, and nobody in the Muslim world objects, the men are not arrested, the men are not stoned to death for denying the Quran. You Muslim females are nothing more than OBJECTS of a Muslim man’s pleasure. And, I can tell you for a fact, NO OLD MUSLIM WOMAN WOULD DARE TRY TO MARRY A 10 YEAR OLD MUSLIM BOY.

4) Now to the one area I know you cannot defend. There are all sorts of reports and videos of Muslim and non-Muslim women who are prostitutes being executed on public streets of the WORLD OF ISLAM for being prostitutes, while the Muslim men they serviced walk free. Saddam’s son Odi made this quite clear on the streets of Iraq. Muslim men get away with perverse murder.

May I suggest you look up the definition of DENIAL. It simply means you refuse to BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES SEE.

Every woman has the right to be a woman, equal to a man in any way she SEES fit and within her control. If Islam teaches that women are to be treated with love and affection, with honor for her place, and with the respect YOU say must be given,


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Asked on February 26, 2014 3:10 pm
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1) Every system which is civilized and cultured has a code of ethics and discipline. It has rules and regulations. Islaam, for the up-holding of dignity, chastity, and honour, does not allow men and women to pray alongside each other in the Masaajids.

2) If it is has been stipulated in the marriage contract then it is permissible and therefore possible for a woman to divorce her husband in Islaam.

3) Laws rotating around this issue have been misunderstood.

4) The blame and responsibility of the actions of sinful Muslims are on themselves and not on Shaari Law.

5) Shaari Law cannot be held accountable for the actions of those who fail to implement it properly.

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Answered on February 26, 2014 3:10 pm