Marital Issues of Another Affecting Living

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I need some advice.
My cousin is having marital problems, she blames it all on her husband and even her actions, i can see that its her fault too i.e. being rude loud and disrespectful.
She has dragged my mother into her problems and continues to drag others too. i refuse to get involved and now she lives with us i feel she is ruining my relationship further with my mother i.e. she sits with my mum and talks about her problems nonstop, she then starts telling me in front of my mum that i am wrong and rude to my mum and my mum starts to feel like this cousin is on her side. when i say to my mother my cousin is wrong about her marital life, one minute my mum agrees one minute she doesn’t. this is starting to irritate me and i do not want my cousin to live with us anymore as she is more problematic than good. but i don’t want to send her off as this may become an issue with my mum. i don’t want my relationship with my mum getting bad as well. please advice from an islamic standpoint what should be done.
and please make dua for us all and me. Jazakallaah

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Asked on September 4, 2015 10:59 am
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Do not take sides. As far as possible listen and maintain silence. Do not comment until you are certain. Talk along the lines, we must investigate before commenting.
Call for the fear of Allaah. Accountability is what we say, do and accuse.
Do not get shot in the cross fire of domestic disputes.

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Answered on September 16, 2015 9:34 pm