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as salaam wa alaikum ,

Hope you are in the best of health .

Dear Mufti Saheb ,

I am rebuilding my bathroom and toilet and the way the tub and the toilet will be positioned I will be facing the qibla while bathing and also while siting in the toilet . Can I have it in this way ?

Secondly , a few years back you gave a talk in the North Beach Jamaat Khana on Meraaj and you were refering to some rulling or Hadiths and you gave the example of placing your glasses on you knee and this is oppression to the glasses &the knee
as thats not the what both are for . Please could you advise what the hadith / rulling you kept referring to if you do remeber .

May Allah except your efforts and grant you ikhlaas and grant you success in the new Hajj comittee that you are involved in .

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Asked on June 16, 2009 12:00 am
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1) No

2) I quoted the Aayat wherein Hadhrat Lugmaan (R.A) adviced his son "Oh my beloved son do commit Shirk, for surely Shirk is a major/ big/ tremendous Zulm, then I explained the technical definition of "Zulm" - "Wasusu shai fi ghairi Mahlihi" To place a thing not in its rightful place/position - the rest follows.

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