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Assalamualaikum, I have a few questions regarding purity. I would appreciate a response. I am subject to whispers from Shaitain, and want to understand these matters properly so I can confront this issue.

1. How can one use water to clean themselves after defecating in a modern toilet without getting splashes of water on themselves? I place toilet paper in the water, but water still splashes onto me. I often shower the lower part of my body after defecating to be precautious, but I am torn between the feeling that I am wasting water, and doing something most people don’t do on the one hand, and the desire to be clean without doubt on the other.

2. To clean a garment that has urine or sperm on it, is it sufficient to wash under a lot of running water a sufficient amount of time, or must it be washed and wrung three times?
3. When cleaning clothes with najasah on them in a washing machine, what if drops of water from the first cycle splash onto the inside roof of the washing machine, and then those drops of water fall back into the water during a later cycle. Will these drops of water impurify the clothes? Is this excessive detail?

4. If someone has wet feet and they walk on carpet or slippers on which there is something impure, is the impurity considered to have transferred onto their feet? Jazzakum Alahu Khairun.

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Asked on November 26, 2012 12:36 am
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1) Put more toilet paper, after water splashes, wash again, no need for Ghusl.
2) Both methods good enough.
3) This is being over investigative
4) No, if dry.
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Answered on November 26, 2012 12:36 am