Provident Fund and Retirement Annuity Scheme

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In our Company which is owned by a Muslim brother. employee got the right to a joint Provident Fund and Retirement Annuity Scheme run by UNION ,Employer and employee both contribute 7.5% each towards Fund .In the same company we are 10 Muslim brothers also working but we didn’t joint the scheme because of Fund Investment in Haram Business .
Now we ask our employer to give that 7.5% towards our Salary then he refuse, my question is
1:- In the above condition can we join any provident scheme to get that 7.5% ? or

2::-Mufti can assist and tell any institution which Compliance according to Sharia where we can take it out our Retirement Annuity Scheme


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Asked on January 8, 2013 1:06 am
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1) Yes

2) Not available.

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