Proposal rejected


4 Months ago, I received a marriage proposal from a divorced guy. I am single. I was interested. I met the guy with our parents. I prayed Istikhaarah but I could not sleep at all after doing the Namaz. After the meeting, I did not have any contact with the boy. After 3 weeks, the person who had sent the proposal said that the guy’s family has said no. I was very devastated. It’s been about 4 months. But I am still thinking about the guy. I do not know, but there was something that attracted me to him. I prayed to Allaah asking for guidance but I am still thinking about this boy a lot. Can you please advice me? Can I continue asking dua to Allah to make him my husband? Jazakallah.

1 thought on “Proposal rejected”

  1. Have Sabr. You can make Du’aa but know well that Allaah is the All-Wise and the Best of Planners. Pray for the best.