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Salaamz!Respected Mufti Saheb.Your assistance is required in resolving a small dispute between 2 friends who entered into a joint venture combining their capabilities and resources on a profit sharing bases of whatever products jointly done.It was agreed that the split will be 50%/50% of the profits.Shukr to Allah Paak this venture proved to be very profitable as each party complimented the other.
The dispute now arises when sharing the profits!
Person B is keen on keeping to the agreement and share the profits 50/50 on what was jointly entered into;whereas Person A insists on sharing in the profits generated from the proceeds of person B’s products ONLY and refuses to share in the profits generated from his products as agreed.
(P.S.Person B’s role and contribution was vital and crucial in the entire equation; including the successful sourcing and procuring of person A’s products without which none of the profits would have been materialised).
According to the Shariah;is Person B entitled to keeping the profits generated from his products since Person A refuses to share the profits generated from his products as agreed???
(N.B.Even if Person B keeps the profits generated from his products;his contribution was vital in generating the profits of Person A’s products and hence would still like to be rewarded for his role according to the agreement that Person A refuses to adhere to.)

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Asked on January 9, 2009 12:00 am
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Both must share as per agreement 50%/50% on each others products profits not one sided only.

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Answered on January 9, 2009 12:00 am