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mufti saheb i did something stupid 10 years ago
i did phone nikah with boy without fathers permission
Boy had 1 maulvi and 2 witnesses IN HIS HOUSE ON HIS SIDE i was alone in room in my house boy claims my voice was on speaker phonemaulvi asks my ijazat(now this is where im confused i assumed it was for him asking me weather i accept boy)after maulvi asks my name makes me read some verses of quran and asks if i accept yhe boy next day boy comes to tell my dad about this. my dad is furious and says this is not valid nikaah My dad then takes me to pakistan where i get married to my cousin and am now happy with 2 children NOw the thing is recently i am getting doubts i have been in contact with lots of mufti local and abroad even mufti ebrahim desai which say that that phone nikah not valid and my current nikah is ok
please mufti saab what is your view on this.I was alone i had nobody beside mei didnt know witnesses or maulvi or have never met them and they dont know me
please mufti saheb im scared what if that maulvi asking my ijazat meant that he wanted to be my wakil i get scared and this has affected my life recently please reply quickly jazakallah
also can that maulvi act as a wakil if he didnt know me or nobody saw me talking to him

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:25 pm
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Mufti Embrahim Desai Sahibs ruling is 100% valid and correct.
Do not doubt. Move on with life.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:25 pm