Perpetual salaah calendar

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2 Muharam 1434
, 15 November 2012

Honourable Hazrath Mufti A.H Elias Saheb Damaat Barakatuhu
. May your fuyoodh endure.


There is much ignorance amongst the community on the understanding of Salaah times and its duration. People are unaware of when times sets in, its duration, makrooh times, when a Salaah becomes Qadhaa, etc.

Far too often women especially misunderstand the meaning of performing namaaz early and so end up reading the namaaz at the incorrect time. This is noticed commonly when they read the Esha in Maghrib time.

Although many kitabs go into the detail of gauging the position of the sun, shadow of objects, etc the layman is not capable of using these indications accurately. The perpetual calendar therefore simplifies the task. However many are unable to understand how to use the calendar.

It is therefore our humble request, if it is not yet done, that a simple booklet be prepared to guide the layman in understanding and reading a perpetual salaah calendar. Various towns sample calendars may also be included, such as Cape Town, Jhb and Durban. Cities in other countries may also be shown to demonstrate examples. Practical examples can be then explained. Example on the 15 November the time for Sehri sets in at x:xxam, Tahajjud ends at x:xxam, Ishraaq, Chaast, zawaal would be between so and so time, Fajr starts at so and so time and ends about x:xxam, duration of time for a salaah, Makrooh, forbidden times, etc.

The difference between Hanafi and Shaafi times, changes of times in different months(examples for Feb, June, September, December, etc), changes between towns etc.

The kitab would be beneficial also for those who are mazoor. Children in maktab grades 6/7 may also be taught how to use the calendar with such a kitab.

I am certain Hazrath may find many other aspects which may also be covered.

May Allah Ta’ala keep Hazrath and family with aafiyat.

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Appreciate your in-put. will definitely look into this serious matter. Make Duaa
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Answered on November 26, 2012 12:40 am