Permissibility of Talaaq

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Salaam Mufti,
I have a questions regarding Khula/Fasak. I have been married for five years. From the first year of marriage I knew it was not going to work. I left three times and came back three times hoping maybe it could work as divorce in Islam is a big step. However it five years later and I am still in the same situation. My reasons are as follows:
1) He does not fulfill his conjugal rights, at times he has a dysfunction and has a problem and takes medication which does not always work. Foreplay is never mutual. He does not show me emotion in forms of massaging etc, he always demands for it and never gives back.
2) He does not keep his fasts, gets angry when I show him the right way. He lies alot and makes me lie for him too.
3) He goes out alot at night, involved in prostitution which he says is purely business. Gets angry when I check his phone and find numbers of women.
4) Addicted to pornography and self masturbation
5) We are in the business together and most of the time he does not do any work. He will make me do it, and see to the housework, his mother and everything else while he does nothing. When I complain he says I am nagging and I dont want to help him. Then he emotionally abuses me, says I am stupid, cant make his business work I am useless etc. Also because I cannnot have children. Over and above that he puts his friends first, like he always wants to have braais at our house and that means me always doing the work. When I say friends should take turns he complains and says I have no right. Everywhere we go be it holiday or anyting he wants to take friends or family. W never have private and alone time.
6) I have constantly told him I do no want to be in business together as it is making us fight all the time. He is the man and he must provide and not the other way around. While I am working his is busy with pornography. He gets angry then. I have said if he needs help with money I will go get a job. Despite this he disagrees.
7) He is always swearing and talking bad about my parents, yet he asked me to go ask my father for money, which I did not do. He blames my parents for me not falling pregnant. Everyday he speaks ill of them.
8) He mkes me stay awake till late at night talking and complaining esp during ramadan and that breaks my cycle, makes me tired makes me feel sick and wake up late for sehri. When I tell him I want to sleep early he complains.
9) He has such a bad temper and he is very stubborn. He gets angry all the time and blames me.
Mufti Saab are these valid reasons for apply for Khula/Fasak? I have tried and tried to make this work, but it just gets worse.

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Asked on September 17, 2011 10:10 pm
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Answered on September 17, 2011 10:10 pm