Permissibility of reading Witr Salaah before Sehri

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Dear Mufti sab AOA I have a couple of questions
a) after Taraweeh if I donot pray the Witr with the jamaat and pray it after tahajjud before sehri is it ok??
b) I maintain a separate account for all the interest I accumulate from the bank and use it through out the year accordigly if I still have left over money is it eliglble for zakaat.
c) I have gone into a partnership venture 50/50% partner is non muslim but since he is a foreginer he cant be shown a partner on the paper so its me and my wife do I have to pay for the whole business or just 50% as per my share since my wife is a proxy does she have to pay?
d) I purchased a plot of land 3 years back and paid a deposit but i did not get posession of the land nor I got any confirmed documents saying I am the owner, now I have decided to get my money back do I have to pay zakaat on this amount for the last 3 years.
e) If i sleep with the niyaat of keeping roza the next day and i get up just in time for sehri drink water and go to sleep with out making niyat for roza then is my roza valid.
Awaiting your quick response.

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Asked on September 5, 2010 12:00 am
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a) Permissible, but will be deprived of Witr in Jannat and loosing speciality of Ramadhaan.
b)No - leave instruction that is has to be distributed as interest in the even of your death.
c) 50% only
d) No
e) Yes

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Answered on September 5, 2010 12:00 am