Permissibility of listening to moulana anwar aw lakis lectures

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asalaamu Alaikum mufti saab
1) i wanted to know if its safe to listen to Imam Anwar al awlaki lectures? below are site where u can get copies of his lectures an books and information on him wiki pedia not 100% but +/- correct
2) also can we get illegal Guns to protect us, mufti knows our situation here in south africa

3) can jinn injure us in any way? if one is in your house for example, can they hit u and can u hit them, are they scared of us like we are scared of them?

4) if the azaan in ramadhaan is given magrib time, but the muazin takes very long in completing the reason for this is to give the people in the area time to eat and that is this fine if not, is there a ayat or hadith if not reasonable explanation

by the way i also listen to mufti saabs lectures but some times like a different voice as well

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Asked on August 26, 2010 12:00 am
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1) Kindly contact Radio Islaam, they play his tapes.
2) No
3) Why must they hit you, do not trouble them, they will not trouble you.
4) This is not correct.

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Answered on August 26, 2010 12:00 am