Permissibility of getting married without ones parents permission

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Assalamwalekum Mufti saab,
I am 31 yrs old muslim lady And I intend to marry a muslim married man whom I have known since 7 yrs.I have a special affinity towards him ,I got attracted to him bcz of his religious committments,maturity and caring nature.I spoke to my parents about him after 6 yrs of relationship(which was not physical we never meet each other we just talk on phone once in 5-6 mths)but they are against this marriage.
We don’t want to get married without their permission and hurt them.It has been a year now still m not able to convince my mother.I don’t want to marry any other man except him.He does not want to seek his first wife’s permission as this would shatter his house and even I don’t want to let her know about this marriage because I don’t want to ruin her life because I am afraid she would feel betrayed .I alwys pray n make dua to increase my patience and find out ways so that we can marry each other.
Can I get married to him without my parents consent or shall I still wait so that Allah SWT will find ways n make my parents accept his proposal?

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Asked on March 9, 2011 6:31 pm
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You may marry.
He needs to inform first wife.

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Answered on March 9, 2011 6:31 pm