Permissibility of eating rainbow chickens

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SALAAMS On question no. 2121 on 13/11/2008 you answered that Rainbow chickens were Halaal and declared thus unanimously by the Ulama. Seems like only when you had a spat with Radio Islam did your fatwa change. How come you declare it halaal at one time just after an inspection of place and declare it haraam a long time after that? You owe it to the Muslims of SA to sit down with the Ulama that you have a differences with and resolve them for the good of the Deen of ALLAH and the confused Muslims of SA!!!
Please kindly reply. I believe there was an inspection of Rainbow today 28 Oct. 1.please confirm which Ulema were taken? 2.please confirm what your findings/verdict is, with all relevant or necessary specifics 3.please confirm whether there was a unanimous verdict 4.please confirm , if any, which Ulema differed and what specifically were there differences.
5.please confirm what was the official outcome of the inspection JAZAKALLAH
1) Many – such as Mufti Seeraj Desai, Mufti A.K Hoosein, Moulana E. Bham, Moulana S. Ravat, Moulana Munchi, Moulana Lorgaat, Moulana ==== etc.
2) See our letter to Sanha Under “Publications” Section
3) No objections were raised on the Halaal aspect per se
4) See Letter
5) See Letter
4) There was no difference among the Ulama regarding the Halaal status of the chickens.
5) The official outcome of the inspection is that Rainbow Chickens are Halaal
And Allah Knows Best
Mufti Elias (May Allah Protect him)

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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You got the sequence wrong. The 'spat' with Radio Islam took place after I ruled Rainbow Chickens Haraam. See letters and note dates on site. How can one slaughter, 2 chickens in one (1) second standing for hours whilst blood shoots on the goggles and fulfilling two Shaari conditions of slaughtering. What is there to be confused about?

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am