Permissibility of drinking capsules which are made frm gelatin

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AssalamuAlaikum MuftiSaab
1) I have a enlarged prostate and am on medication. I would like to know if it is permissable for me to take vitamins for my prostate that are made out of gelatine capsules or drops that contain alchohol.
2) I experience urine drops after making istinja I do make istibra but sometimes I feel that I leak and sometimes I don’t feel like I’m leaking, I know that I am not mazoor because if I’m leaking it stops after 20-30minutes. What I’m worried about is if I want to go for Haj and I leak my Ihraam will become napaak, what is the best way for me in my condition, will it be permissable to wear an adult diaper under Ihram and does one need to be in a state of wudhu to perform Haj, or which part of Haj does one need to be in a state of wudhu?

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Asked on June 23, 2010 12:00 am
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1a) Yes, if the gelatine is off bovine (bovine)
1b) Yes, if the alchohol is merely sunthetic, non-intoxicating.
2) Use an adult diaper.
For Hajj Salaat and Tawaaf Ziyaarat one needs to be in Wudhu.

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