Permissibility of cutting ones hair

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I cut my hair recently after being advised that I can infact cut it as long as it still looks feminine and at least reaches the shoulders.
for most of my life I had very long hair which is heavy for my head and gives me headaches. also, when washed during winter always without fail leaves me with a cold the next day whether i blow dry it or not.As a result i cannot keep washing my hair and if I Have to wash my hair due to ghusl I know i will be sick later
I wear head covering and no one sees my hair.
and my husband has been asking me so long to cut my hair which i kept telling him no for
So finally i was advised that it was okay for me to cut the hair.
So i did but left it by my shoulders due to being advised that it should not be shorter than that and that i must still look female.
My husband now loves that length and washing and everything is easier and my head no longer pains.
Can you advise me if I was wrong. I know they say that a woman should not look like a man, but i do look very feminine and cannot be mistaken for a man with this haircut.
and this is not ever a style that would be allowed on a man. he would be considered to be imitating a female if he had such a hairdo.
If i was wrong then i shall grow it to the length that is acceptable if you can advise which length that is as it is a torture for the hair to keep growing on forever without ever cutting it.
Please advise.

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Asked on June 10, 2011 3:01 pm
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You have one wrong. Repent by letting it regrow without cutting in future.

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Answered on June 10, 2011 3:01 pm