Permissibility of a wife demanding intercourse from the husband

Assalamualaikum Mufti
I would like to ask a question.I am in my 30’s and we are married for 12 years,recently I have been having this urge to have sexual intercourse with my husband more frequently,but he is not that type of a person who loves sex as much as I do.
Is it islamically wrong to demand him to fulfil his nuptial obligation with me,all I am asking is for 3 times a week,if not more.
I love my husband alot and he is the best husband ever as he does everything for me and our 3 mashallah children,just he dont utter the words Love.
I just want to feel loved and cared for and want to keep the passion.How do I approach him Mufti?

1 thought on “Permissibility of a wife demanding intercourse from the husband”

  1. Sit him down, explain the problem and difficulty. Make him understand. Meet him half way. Accomodate each other. Do not discuss from a platform of demand but from the zone of negotiating.