Permissibiblity of reading Namaaz at home for a male

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As salamu alaikum Mufti Saheb.
In the area which I live in is a Barelwee
Musjid.I read most of my salah in this Musjid.For Fajr Salah the Muazzin,who
is a shafee, performs the Salah.The thing is that the trustees don’t allow
him to read Qunoote Naazila because they are Hanafee so he is forced to
leave it out.I heard that Qunoote Naazila is like wajib for Shafees.I feel
that the Salah is defecient so I read Fajr at home.Will it be better for me
to read Fajr in this Musjid or should I continue to read it at home? Please explain.
Awaiting your reply
Ma as Salamah

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Asked on May 5, 2011 8:24 pm
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Talk to the Trustees before going to another Masjid for Fajr.

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Answered on May 5, 2011 8:24 pm