Performing umrah for the deceased

Respected Mufti

1.I would like to know if it is permissible to perform Umrah for someone who has passed away?

2.What is the procedure to do so?

3.And is it possible to perform one Umrah for the sawaab of two different marhooms?

4.And can u perform Tawaaf only without doing the full Umrah for the sawaab of a marhoom?

Jazakallah for your time. May Allah reward you abundantly

1 thought on “Performing umrah for the deceased”

  1. 1) Yes, as Isaal-e-Sawaab.

    2) Before commencement make intention: ‘I am making Umrah on behalf of so and so’.

    3) Yes.

    4) A Nafl Tawaaf can be performed as Isaal-e-Sawaab on behalf of someone else.