People undermining islam and muslims

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Alsalam Alaiekum

1: How do we effectively respond to the following statement people make to undermined Islam and Muslims: That there was a person came to the following conclusion after observing the Eastern and Westerns worlds: I went to the East and found Muslims but no Islam, and when I went to the West I found Islam but no Muslims.

2: Most people in western societies are very much secular in the sense that religion is virtually absent in people lives. As a Muslim who naturally remembers Allahu Ta’alaa and Rasuulullaah (Salla Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) and is pious and religious just by his nature Wal Hamdulillah, when talking to secular people in the West, they often, in fact, most times accuse the Muslim as being ?preachy,a person who preaches. This is very puzzling since when I am talking to them, many times I am not even intending to preach. And even if I did intend, I am proud to preach Islam and express my Islamic identity. It seems to me that the essence of such people is that they want to hear nothing religious since the truth (Islam) is inconvenient for them, so they immediately attach a label to stigmatize it. My question is: how do we effectively respond and deal with such labels and secular people (who dominate the West) who say that you shouldnt be?preach
3: There are people who say that they dont like the West and their customs, way of life, secularism, etc… What I would like an affective answer for is the following: When these people (Ex: Muslims) say that the West is corrupt and all that, other people attack them and say: Well, then why do you live here in the West if you dont like it? How do we respond since they have a very good point?

4: Many people in Western countries blame Muslims for the following: They say that we let Muslims building mosques, wear the Hijaab, go for hajj, open Islamic schools, practice their religion openly, go to universities and receive degrees, work in high position with great salaries, participate politically, and many other things. These people that say this then say: And yet, they dont like us. My question is, how do we respond to that?

5: Very important question. If a person is a Muslim but you as a Muslim have strong reasons to think that he is a Munaafiq (hypocrite), reasons such as his behavior, way of thinking, suspicious gestures and facial expressions, etc Please bear in mind that I am asking these questions because I am fearing for my Imaan, when he says salaam and talks to me, he tries to undermine Islam and the Quraan, Hadeeth, and ahkaam of Islam greatly, in fact, it is such that this is the first time I have ever asked a question like this one. Also, he argues quite a bit, he blurs Islam for Non-Muslims and Muslims. When I talk and oppose him to stand up for myself and the Haqq, he is greatly uncomfortable. Put simply, I have strong reasons to think that he is a Munaafiq and is planning harm against me in a way I do not know. Can I do the following:
a. Not initiate salaam
b. Not respond to salaam
c. Ask him to not initiate salaam anymore
d. How should I deal with such a person
Alsalam Alaiekum

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Asked on March 15, 2010 12:00 am
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1) This is a statement of a non-expert so one must worry about it.
2) Objections cannot stop our preaching. One must continue preaching and let the objectors - object.
3) This is supposed to be a free democratic world. You live and let us live. Are we harming you in any way.
4) We do not like their sin, un-Islaamic ways but do not hat them perse.
5) If he is a Bidati or does not have a beard then you do not have to start greeting and can avoid inter-action.
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Answered on March 15, 2010 12:00 am