Paying for deceaseds missed rozas and namaaz

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Slmz Mufti Saab

My dad has passed on and my mum wants to pay for all his Namaaz and Roza’s, how is this calculated in rand amounts, and must this monies be given to the Jamiat.

Jazakallah for all your efforts.

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Asked on January 21, 2009 12:00 am
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Calculate no. of Salaat missed.
Do not forget to include the Witr Salaat. That figure is x. Calculate no of fasts missed (Fardh ones).
That figure is y.
Add x to y = z.
Z x the Saadiqatul Fitr amount must be given as Kaffara to the same recipients of Zakaat.
You may give the Jamiaat.

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