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I have been married for almost four years now. My husband has been jobless since then. Has tried a lot opening up his own business but it never worked. Applied for many jobs but did not work out. Went to Afghanistan and UAE for work but in vain. All the doors seem to be closed. I am at my parents house since me and my husband do not have a place to live. He sometimes visits me here but does not feel good to stay here for long. He is a hard working person but seems to be out of luck in everything. We do not have children and I worry about that often. Nothing seems to workout. I am really depressed.

We have applied for Australian immigration but that too does not seem to be working out.

Please make dua for us and advice me as to what I should do.

If you need me and my husbands names, I can give you but please keep it off the website.

JazakAllah khair.

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Asked on January 6, 2014 3:29 pm
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Read Surah Yaseen twice a day. Once after Fajr. Once before going to bed. Read Surah Waqiah before retiring to bed. All financial matters will stabilize Insha-Allaa. We also Make Duaa.

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Answered on January 6, 2014 3:29 pm