Muslim marrying hindu

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I would like to marry someone who is a non- Muslim with the hope that he will embrace Islam soon.

I need some shariah advice on how to do so, as he is willing to perform nikkah at the musjid,but not as a proper Muslim, even though he follows most of the Islamic ways he has not reverted/ converted.I am uncertain as to when he will be ready to do so but he wants to marry me soon as well.

His family (staunched Hindus) would like us to perform a temple ceremony, because it would validate things on his side. My concern is that, as a muslim I cannot perform all these rituals as it is unislamic for me to do so!
If we do marry in both faiths, and I still practice Islam will I be out of the bounds of shariah.

We will be living away from all the families so I can still teach him more of our faith, so he may then convert, but until then is this ok??

I have already performed Istikharah salaah but ended up more confused??
Upon reading it I am drawn closer to him and he is more serious on marriage, but no plan to convert. He is very accommodating to Islam.
Ive read over various periods and the same thing happens all the time.

My late Appa had performed on my behalf and she explained that it will take time but the result

Will be positive, I must just make sabr. Im not sure if that is so as now I need to decide by Eid whether to marry or not?

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Asked on April 28, 2008 12:00 am
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1) No
2) If he does not convert, break this un-Islaamic relationship imediately. Make Du'aa, Allaah will send someone else.
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Answered on April 28, 2008 12:00 am