Muslim commiting witchcraft

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I know that sickness and health, good & evil, do not occur without the will of Allah & we should rely on ALLAH first for help and assistance. We constantly rely on ALLAH, by reciting Quranic Verses and making Duaa.
1.)What is the shariah ruling for a person(Muslim – so called) who commits witchcraft?

2.)If one knows and can prove someone(muslim – so called) is guilty of committing witchcraft (+/-30 years) against many Muslims. Can one confront them in person, or expose them, or what can we do (shariah wise)to make them stop etc?

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Asked on June 28, 2008 12:00 am
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1) High possibility of that person dying without Imaan.

2) Can expose the person, confront to reform that person, make Duaa for these misguided persons.

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