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. Your analogy is incongruous ? What has hunting to do with a man made system of slaughter. The point is that the man made system can be tailored to conform to rules of the shariah. Intended was the elevation of ones consciousness and raham or mercy for Allah Taalas makhlooq . Honorable Mufti , you sidestep real issues and the focal point in question by talking around an issue so as not to answer a question or deny the obvious answer. The secrets of the heart are not hidden from the Almighty.
Numerous questions on your site are side stepped and brow beaten by this tactic of yours, not to mention your mono syllable replies which leaves the question suspended in air.
You have initiated a public forum for the naseehat of lay people like myself , thus it is an amaanat and responsibility which must be fulfilled.
It has come to my attention that Hazrat Shah Waliyullah Rahmatullahi alayhi and Hazrat Maulana Cassim Nanotwi Rahmatullahi alayhi have raised the issue that animals , being possessors of souls , would normally not be halaal , but by the Munificence of the Almighty and only by taking His Holy Name and enacting the Islamic system of zabah will an animal become halaal. The weightiness of the matter is judged by the fact that the above mentioned esoteric and fiqh heavyweights wrote in great detail about it. By what standard can we therefore trivialize the matter.
An answer like take the matter up with SPCA implies that you the aalim or mufti is not prepared to take a stand on the issue of cruelty to animals , this is testimony to the fact that either you do not want to get into controversy or you fear that averment will perhaps mean contradicting or having to backtrack other answers. I must point out at this stage that an Aalim of Haq will not be afraid to admit to errors or mistakes. The best horse slips.
My niyat and fervor are checked and rechecked , I believe with conviction that I am on the Haq and that your ambiguity betrays and waters down the haq. Islam clearly prohibits cruelty to animals , this is proven in the Sunnah. The chicken industry slaughter system is cruel to put it mildly yet you find it prudent not to comment on the cruelty issue and other factors of hurmat. The issue and answer is not one to be considered by ego or a following or the wooing of one or another.
You vindicate yourself with a technical verdict of hillat . Our beloved deen has been mutilated by technicalities. In the era of Nabi Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam there was no classification of deen , there was total obedience . If the Nabi Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam did or said something ,it was affirmed and practiced upon. If there was a prohibition it was immediately adhered to. There were no questions like , Is it fard/wajib or sunnat or nafl or is it mustahab or makruh. These classifications were meant for academic use and not for guidance or practical expression and came about hundreds of years after the demise of Nabi Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam . The sahabah radiallahu anhum were the embodiments of deen and our examples they clung firmly to the haq to the essence and ruh of Islam ,hence their success.
We the masses of this age , wherein there are abundant ulama , sheikhs ,muftis and grand muftis are following large scale baatil taweel and answers based on technical fiqh instead of the honest ruhaniyat of the pure and clear creed of simple Islam. The argument of that is taqwa has ruined the foundation of Islam.

If in all honesty you can reflect on your answer and say unhesitatingly that if the questioner was Nabi Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam ,you would give the same answer then for you your deen and for me mine.

Peace upon those who seek sincere guidance.

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Asked on December 9, 2008 12:00 am
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We appreciate your most valuable words of advice

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Answered on December 9, 2008 12:00 am