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salaams mufti the following questions that I have may not concern me as i’m a lady but anyways I need to clarify according to mufti you mentioned that mufti menk is a salafi and we not allowed to listen to his lectures I listen to all his lectures I actually think he is learned and he is gets straight to the point I was taught never judge a person.

you confusing people. I learnt of hanafi; and shafi not sure where salafi came from but it does not give us the right to label learned scholars as salafi’s always have proof

another thing you mentioned is that men are not allowed to wear the scarf like the arabs does it label them as salafi so mufti is trying to say that the imams of the haram are salafi’s as they wear it or are you just against it because mufti menk wears it
aalims suppose to set an example to the umah and not go against each other because of jealousy we respect each and every aalim but sometimes it’s confusing for us as we not sure who to listen to as each one has their own opinion about the other it’s like saying something is halaal and the other will say is haraam who do we listen to or must we do a check to see who is more learned and follow him it’s not fair to any of us

I respect mufti as you are learned but you also confusing people

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Asked on August 3, 2014 9:56 pm
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My reply is not confusing; you simply cannot comprehend it. I did not say all red scarf wearers are Salafis, neither have I said that this is the only proof of Salafism. Does he quote Ahadith??It is not my fault that you are not aware of the menace of Salafism. Your wrong assumptions and incorrect comments are due to your own lack of proper research.Find and read the reply given concerning Mufti Menk. If you are an academic you will understand.

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Answered on August 3, 2014 9:56 pm