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With regards to the above link, there are several issues I have with the reply you gave to me

1) You have assumed Mufti Menks Aqida as being Salafi, merely from inferring that either he does not follow an Imam of Aqaaid or that he disagrees with Taqleed Shakhsi, when the reality is outside of South Africa many Hanafi `Ulama from Egypt to Syria to Uzbekistan do not agree with Taqleed Shakhsi as being Wajib, so by that criterion they would be “Salafi” also, which is simply not true. Whilst I agree the benefits of Taqleed Shakhsi are evident, the reality is outside of the Deobandi realm, not everyone agree’s with it and it is not a condition to being a Hanafi that one does agree with it, thus labelling someone who does not accept taqleed shakhsi as Salafi who does not hold a position of the South African and Deobandi Ulama is an absurdity and a disrespect to the differences of opinion of major scholars outside of the aforementioned areas.

Nonetheless, unless it can be proven definitively that Mufti Menk disagree’s personally to the adherence to the Imams of Aqaaid, it is mere speculation and a sinful speculation at that!

2) You state Rafa Yaddayn as if it is has been unknown to the scholars until the inception of the Salafis, this is the position of the Shafi’i madhabb also if you were not already aware.

Forgive me if I sound harsh, but this extremism in labelling people without having definitive proof is tantamount to slander!

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Asked on October 10, 2013 12:49 pm
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1) - The Ulema of the world agree that it is necessary to make Taqleed Shakshi. However substantiated from Shaari sources which is adequate

2) - We do not disagree or debate with one making 'Raff-e-Dain' who follows the Shaafi Mazhab.

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